The Zero Point Zap Violet Ray Wand comes with a one-year warranty

If you experience your unit malfunctions during the first year
of use, you can exchange it for another wand handle. You can access your PayPal
transaction to see the date of purchase or your receipt you will find inside your box.
I also keep good records for the warranty dates in my files.

If your receptacle is starting to get loose, please contact me to explain how to tighten it.

If you are experiencing a malfunction in your wand handle outside of the warranty period,
I have the wand handles available for only $50 plus $8 shipping. Contact me
at [email protected] so I can confirm you are a client and email you an invoice.
Please specify if you need a 110V or a 220V handle. This new handle will carry a one-year warranty.
If my inventory is low, it may have to be shipped from China in 1-3 weeks.


1.) Contact me via telephone or email at [email protected] to notify me of your issue.
We will also confirm that you are still under warranty at this time.

2.) If you experience a metal cap coming off of the end of the glass tube, you can remove the
metal cap using small needle-nosed pliers, while the unit is unplugged.  At this point,
you can use Super Glue only to glue the end cap back on or you can send me the tube
and I will mail you a replacement following the directions above.

3.) Be sure to confirm the address I am to send the replacement to if your wand handle is
out of service under warranty. I will have a replacement handle shipped directly to you. It may come from China,
depending on my inventory. If so, this could take from 1 up to 3 weeks to arrive. I need you to confirm you
current shipping address before I have it sent so please send me that in your email.

Thank you