Consultations come with the purchase of the Zero Point Zap Violet Ray Kits
If you have NOT purchased the kit then the consulation cost is $50 paid upfront
If you then decide to purchase a kit, the $50 will be taken off the price of a kit

The screening is used in the consultation and must be submitted prior to scheduling

1.) Contact me via email at [email protected] with Subject: “Consultation Request”. Please do NOT text me under any circumstances.

2.) Inside the email please propose a date/time that works best for you for your consultation AND the time zone that you are in. Please do this in at least 2 days in advance of the proposed date, respectfully. I am in the PST zone on the west coast. If you can, please tell me the time in my time AND your time--to avoid confusion. When you specify a time, please put PST, MT, or EST to specify. (If you are an international client we need to do extreme coordinating and I have to use Brave Talk to call, unless you have intl LD. I can only call Canada and MX.) Please provide your telephone number. Mine is on my card, inside the box. My office hours are 8amnoon PST on most days. If you cannot talk during that time, I will do my best to accommodate you but no consultations after 5pm PST.

 3.) Please tell me inside the email a little about what your issue is. I do consultations mainly to help people achieve their specific goals with the device. But some people just have general questions. I request that you make sure you have read the Welcome Letter, the FAQ on my website, and the two inserts inside the box before asking me basic questions about the device. Much of this can be done over email. I prefer to do telephone consultations to help with a specific issue you want to overcome. I will pull up your screening to assist. If you have not submitted the screening yet, then please include it with your email.

4.) Please have something to take notes with during the consultation as I will impart a lot of information to you which you will not be able to remember, in full.

5.) I block out one hour on my schedule for every consultation. Some take more time, some take less, but one hour is average. You may not think there is that much to say about the Violet Ray but there is. I look forward to helping you succeed!

Happy Wanding! Thank you